My Story

Photography is my life. It inspires me everyday My business has been a winding journey and every year something new comes along. The growth of my style and skill has drastically changed in the span of 8 years.

Pictures are a way we are able to scroll back through time. Reminiscing on the details that you never noticed in the moment. Pictures makes us appreciate those moments we had forgotten and it reminds us of that moment what was happening and who was there.

Those moments can be the first time your husband sees your first newborn, When your parents see you in your wedding dress, your first steps as a business owner, Senior portraits, buying your first home engagements. Life is full of moments that need to be remembered.

Our memories are what make us who we are.

You want to trust the one behind the camera to capture those moments and realize what those moments are without worry or hassle. Take the time and money to invest in the photographer of your dreams. Some memories you just can’t recreate you have to just live in it and enjoy the moment as it passes.

I'm Allena Riley, gypsy soul, Kentucky raised, sister to alot of siblings, 70s music speaks to me. I probably have dog hair on me most days. I'm a small town girl with big dreams. I have a big cuddle bear that's actually a 2 yr old German Shepherd mix called Sammy after Sam from the show Supernatural. Reason behind the dog hair. My boyfriend Josh and I have been together working on three years now. We enjoy going fishing, binge watching Netflix shows, and eating pizza. Just how Josh found me so did photography.

Middle school 6th & 7th grade sucked for me and I was lost. I was struggling with my direction and pleasing people who weren't my friends. I was even in band for a couple of years. Played soccer but nothing ever stood out to me like photography did. I joined a Digital Photography Club in the 8th grade thanks to my art teacher Tim Wood. That led me to investing in a new digital camera. I then started photos of still life objects to animals and then senior portraits of my cousins and my sister Kara was always willing to model for me. This grew into something like a hobby while I was in school. High School came and it was still the only thing that was still there for me that I enjoyed.

  I had a birthday present from my parents that was a new Canon Rebel DSLR camera. This camera helped me get my foot in the door for wedding photography. I started out doing family photos for family friends Spring of 2011 and that fall I shot my first wedding. It wasn't my work now but we all have to start somewhere. One year later was a pivotal moment in direction for my business. I shot a wedding in Lebanon, Ky  and I knew after that wedding I wanted to do this the rest of my life. The moments a photographer shares with the Bride and Groom is privileged. I was only a freshman then. So appreciating those moments I felt very matured but thankful for where God had placed me. I am so blessed my clients have always trusted me not based on my age but based on my work. This wedding I am talking about the Bride Julia told me when it was all said and done that I needed to raise my prices. “That I am worth way more than I charge.“ That’s when I realized I could make a living by doing what I love.

It’s hard adjusting to change but during this journey of owning a business I have learned in order to grow you must adapt to change.

My Goals

  • Become a Destination Wedding Photographer. I love to travel and see new landmarks and cultures. I know it would be an exciting experience for my business growth across the globe. | est. 2016

  • Mentor young teens interested in photography. I started at the age of 14. I would like to share my struggles and experiences for teens so they can get a jump start to running an efficent business from the start! I want the coming generations to believe they can conquer even their biggest dreams as a student & Entrepreneur. | est.2016

  • Own my own photography office\studio. |est. 2016.

    AS of this year 2019, I finally can say I have a studio space and office to meet and work in.

  • Shoot an elopment | est. 2019


Bucket List

Rockhouse Bottom, Kentucky

Red River Gorge, Kentucky

Savannah, GA

Angel Oak Tree, Angel Oak Road, Johns Island, SC

Boulder, CO

Denver , CO

Sedona, Arizona

Saguaro National Park, Arizona

Snow Canyon State Park, Utah

Rocky Mountain National Park

Vendors List

Food & Cake

Barbara Overstreet - doverstreet@kmcky.com 2703844451 Columbia, Ky

Cakes by Camille -Shanon Camille O’Banion camille@cakesbycamille.com 2704695769

The Wicked Eyed Woman Catering - Central, Ky 2705063210 www.wickedeyedwoman.com

Event Venues

The Barn at Cedar Grove - Amy Mitchum (Property Manager) 2703781915 amy@barnatcedargrove.com https://barnatcedargrove.com/

A Barn Affair - 1275 Brock Burris Rd. Gradyville, Ky 5026458921 http://www.abarnaffair.com/

Creekside Barn - 1181 Gradyville Club Rd Gradyville, Ky 2706979620 https://creeksidebarnky.com/

The Tucker Homestead & Log Cabin - 1595 Mannsville Rd. Bradfordsville, Ky thetuckerhomestead@yahoo.com http://www.thetuckerhomestead.com/

All Occasions Inc. - 743 Spurlington Rd. Campbellsville, Ky Judy & Nolan Robinson, Owners



Ewing Entertainment- Campbellsville, Ky 2707897666 https://www.facebook.com/EwingEntertainment/