Campus Proposal @ Campbellsville University

Today was reservd for at least three months. My classmate John Chewning who I have known all through my childhood though school and church asked me for info for a 2 hour shoot on such a specific date and time. July 20th, @ 2. SOOO I made it happen. I was very curious and I had known of him being in a long relationship of at least 2 years.

Time passed and we stared to plan locations and outfits.I finally asked John if we was proposing and he said that was the plan but he would get back to me about it. A week before the shoot he told me his proposal plans of asking her where it all began. These Steps at Campbellsville Univerity where the baseball and football fields meet.He explained how they got to talking and now here we are in the middle of their shoot in the very same spot.

We planned it all out and checked the lighting for the location earlier that week. The shoot was right in the middle of a day so it was a bit different and a challenging to the light I typically shoot in, It wokred out great though. We stayed in the shade as most as we could. It is July. So it’s really hot. The clouds began to move in for like 20 minutes when we got closer to the spot John had planned on asking Rae. That’s when we headed to the steps for a few poses and then the moment.

John had Rae read a passage from 1 Corinthians 13. On the top of the page wrote “Will you Marry Me?” Once Rae was done reading the passage John got down on one knee and asked her out loud, She began to cry and said yes mutiple times. She was so overwhelmed with joy she was shaking and couldn’t stop crying.

We took a break to let reality set in and to adore the ring. I am so happy and blessed to have been able to capture this special moment in time for someone I have known for so long! I am greatly excited for John and Rae’s new adventure they are now on together!!