Devoted Work Shop

This is year I wanted to take more risk and say yes. I set my mind to buckle down and stretch myself. SO when I seen this workshop being hosted in Utah and we would be doing shoots in Zion I had to say yes! Fear is a funny thing, it tries to detroy our joy in the times we should be on top of the world. I feared the months leading up to my trip to Utah. I was scared of the thought of flying for 3-4 hours. Even though my first flight was 13 hours long to Europe. Why does this happen? I think it happens because something new and exciting is coming and we can feel the change coming. The fear of change sometimes holds us in one spot. Change is good for us though. Some don’t like chnage because it makes us uncomfortable and out of control. You have to adapt and learn new ways in order to grow and achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

I am at a point in my business where I am ready for a new direction. I have always wanted to become a destination wedding photographer. I have it in old school notebooks and listed goals for my life. I have always dreamed of it. I am ready to pursue those dreams.

This workshop helped to inspire me and I even gained new techniqes for editing styles that I am more confident in now. Finding my style and place in this industry I have struggled with because I live in a community with alot of talented photographers. How do I set myself apart I ask myself? It’s not about fitting in but finding that niche that sets you apart that couples dig about you and wouldn’t find with anyone else because you are unique. My niche is awesome locations for shoots. I shoot those who embrace adventure.

I am really excited to announce a new journey my business will take on in the next year! Allena Cox Photography will be offering elopments starting August of 2019. For more information on pricing, bucketlist coupons, and tips and details go to this link!

This Boho Elopment was all about adventure! Here are some of my favorite shots while I was at the workshop in Utah!

Devoted Workshop hosted an amazing 2 days of styled shoots. This was a dream to capture. I loved the location and all the details that went into it.


Gown: Rue De Seine via a&bé Bridal shop Denver

Rugs:The Boheme Project @thebohemeproject

MUA: Bethie Cook Beauty by Bethie

Florist: Starlie Squires @Blooms and Branches Floral