Tyler + Amber

We met Tyler and Amber in our Home Office and from the very beginning I felt like we clicked with this couple. They met during college at Eastern Kentucky University. Once we were ready to sign a contract we ate out at Sonny’s BBQ in Richmond. I love getting to sit down for dinner with my clients. I get to be myself talking about the things I love. Weddings & Photography.

We started off our morning with coffee, hair, and makeup. Amber is from California so her friends and family flew in. I knew it was crucial to capture her with her people from morning to night. We wanted to get an early start on detail shots because we had a long hot day ahead of us. This venue is convenient because everything is at one location. This made it easy for me and mom to run back and forth to the bridesmaids & groomsmen cabin to shoot candid and family pictures. This day was also awesome because we were able to use the beautiful green Victorian style sofa for Bridal photos. I feel like once we hit family photos the day flew by! Amber and Tyler didn’t want to see each other until the ceremony but still wanted some photos of them praying together beforehand. SO we backed the two love birds to each other somewhere in the middle of the cabins. This part of the day is one of my favorites because the bride & groom get to take a few moments to themselves and prepare their hearts and calm their nerves before the ceremony begins. Tyler loves his bride and you can tell by the way he looks at her, by his joy from the whole day. I got to lead Tyler away from where we had done the prayer pictures and this moment was real, was intimate, was powerful. He shed some tears and took a few deep breaths but he still wasn’t prepared for how beautiful his bride was. Love is such an overwhelming feeling. It comes in waves of description but nobody can truly explain it. Watching my clients join as one will forever be my passion. It’s not just about photography for me, it’s about the moments we share together. 

The reception was a great celebration! Everyone danced, laughed, cried, but by the end of the night the party had been moved outside. I’m talking speaker, lights, the whole shebang! 

This bridal party was phenomenal! They were fun. A little strange (cough cough...groomsmen), but most of all great to photograph. July 14th, 2018 is definitely one for the books.