"MY Big Event"

In July I went on an all girls trip with my mom and a few ladies in our family.  This trip had been planned for months and I anticipated it all summer. Originally it was a business trip for my mother but it became so much more.

My mother, Lori, is a Creative Partner for an amazing company, Initials Inc. For the past year my mother has worked so hard and grown a successful business. I am so proud of her for being so great at what she does!!  We went to Atlanta for the company’s national convention, better known as The Big Event. For all of her hard work this year she was recognized and rewarded with a cruise for herself and a guest of her choice to to the Caribbean. This was an event that was initially for her and the other creative partners in the company but I was not prepared for what I was going to receive from this convention and how it was going to change my business.

At this event we got first dibs on the new products and the opportunity to view the Fall & Winter catalogs before their release.  We were treated daily to great speakers who spoke to us about running our business, staying organized and not accepting less that what we deserve. At night we would go out to eat at amazing restaurants and enjoy a drink or two.  We were in Downtown Atlanta so we were close to everything. We braved the heights on the Skyview Ferris Wheel and that is an experience I will never forget.

I Learned so much about my family on this trip. I learned so much about myself. I learned even more about my business and I’m not even a Creative Partner like my mom. The Big Event wasn’t just for the Creative Partners though. The energy and fire these ladies exude my eyes to many barriers that have had me stuck in a rut for a while.

The First night Rachel Hollis spoke. She talked to us about not being sorry for going after our dreams and how we need to stop comparing ourselves to others and only focus on being better than the person we were yesterday. I had never heard of her before. She writes books and has a very popular podcast. I began following her live stream on Facebook every day and also ordered her newest book, “Girl Wash Your Face!”.  Have any of y’all read that yet? No? Then you must order it now!

“The truth is no matter where you sit down to work every day, that space has to feel positive and productive for you.   Get organized and take back your life!”

On the final day our speaker was the dynamic Julianne Jones, a life and business coach. The quote above is from the notes I took from my phone. She taught me a new and more efficient way to get my business organized. I’m in the middle/end of that process as I type this blog post. I’m growing everyday with new ideas and new efficient ways to operate my business.

I am developing a better routine and schedule between my business, being an artist, creating relationships, being a dog mom, working a part time job, plus enjoying time with my family & friends. Progress over perfection. There is always room for improvement and there is always a good time to learn. This trip was way more than a vacation or a girls trip. It was a revival. An awakening. It was My Big Event.