What to wear for your engagement shoot?

Selecting your engagement wardrobe can be difficult sometimes. You don’t want to wear what everyone else has wore in their photos.

Think of it like putting a room in your house together. You want all the colors to compliment each other. Everyone’s home is of course different just like our styles in clothing and accessories. I want your photos to express your tatse and tell the vibe of our shoot.

Colors are everything! We want your outfits to flow, to be comfortable, complimentary colors, coordinate earth tones!

I have provided “ What to wear Guides” on ACP’s Pinterest acct for inspiration. https://www.pinterest.com/allenacoxphotog/what-to-wear/

Couples/Engagement Guide for your booked shoot.


Need Style assistance?

If you just can’t decide and have to many options bring them all to the shoot or schedule a meeting before the shoot with me to help guide you in the direction you have in mind. I can help curate a wardrobe based on your needs, body type, and personal style. 

ACP Street Team Fair Minis

🎡 Taylor County Fair 2019 🎠 This shoot turned into a great first experience together. I will never forget this night and these girls will never know how special this team is to me!

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Monday Proposal @ Kentucky Native Cafe

Last week I got a text from a good friend of mine Meg Miller Januski! I have worked with the Januski’s since 2015 capturing her daughter’s senior photos! In the past year I have captured many photos for Meg and her growing business @DoorCandybyMeg. It has been an awesome journey getting to know them like family. The exciting news I had been waiting to hear…” Jordan is going to propose to Sarah on May 20th. Can you be there? “ OF COURSE I CAN!”

I arrived an hour and a half early.The plan was to scout a place for them where I could hidden from them but I could see them for the shots.The proposal didn’t go as planned. SO where I am hiding at waiting for them to arrive was called the potting shed. It was out of the way off to the side. I thought it was perfect!!! I am watching the cafe to see if they are in line to order and I am getting antsy. It was after our arrival time that had been discussed. I look back over my shoulder and there comes Jordan and Sarah in a garden behind the potting shed. I high jack it to the other side of the Cafe’s dining area where it is grown up with shrubs and trees to hide! I sit there until I see them go to the line and move over to this bush where I can stand. Hoping they will go on the other side of the bush and sit. I was wrong. They came right towards me. Sooo I had to get on all fours and crawl around this big bush while everyone is thinking I am crazy. They finally sit and I position myself again behind the tree where I can stand now. Jordan went and got their food and when he went to sit. POP. The Question.

She said”What are you doing?.. “Yes”

Props to Jordan for finally pulling one over on Sarah.

After food and drinks we then did some engagement pictures to show off the ring!! This family is special to me and getting to be apart of something so memorable humbles me. What an incredible way to start off the week!

Summer Minis

I have so many shoot Ideas for this summer!! If I can plan arouind this Kentucky weather we will do some end of May, June, and the end of July! I will be using the 53’ Chevy for these minis. They are $100 | 30 minutes | alledited images on flashdrive | online gallery |

Feed Truck -June 11th-13th




Fourth & Fireworks Minis- June 17th-22nd

Shoot times





Ice Cream Social - July




Back to School Minis- End of July






If you are a local artist, florist, Boutique , or interested vendor and would like free advertising contact me to learn ways you can showcase your products in these shoots! Contact me via email @allenacoxphotography@gmail.com


Devoted Work Shop

Devoted Workshop hosted an amazing 2 days of styled shoots. This was a dream to capture. I loved the location and all the details that went into it.


Gown:Rue De Seine via a&bé bridal shop denver

Rugs:The Boheme Project @thebohemeproject

MUA: Bethie Cook Beauty by Bethie

Florist: Starlie Squires @Blooms and Branches Floral

Instructors: Katie Griffith & Ashley Taylor

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